Points of Interest

Your eyes are filled with the canyon around you, pictures never having done it justice, as your mule meanders his way down the trail to the bottom where a boat waits at the edge of the Colorado River. You snake around and into Redwall Cavern and you disembark to touch the walls and walk along the bank. Back in the boat, white water rushes around you and you begin to understand the power of the river. As dusk descends you make camp and listen to the world echo through high, red walls drowning out the noise of the life you left behind.

Places to Visit in the Canyon and Nearby

Havasu Canyon

This is a place out of time and of unimaginable beauty, a virtual paradise aqua blue water lies beneath a waterfall and Native Americans preserving their heritage and language still inhabit and cultivate the land.

Tusayan Ruin

An ancient Puebloean village excavated by canyon archeologists, the Tusayan Ruin offers a look at the life of some of the earliest people to inhabit the Grand Canyon.

Phantom Ranch

Designed by the architect of much of the Grand Canyon’s famous buildings, Mary Colter, Phantom Ranch sits at the bottom of the canyon where remnants of early Indians sites dating back to the year 1050 have been found.

Santa Fe Train Depot

One of the only log train depots left standing in the United States, the Santa Fe Train Depot marks the northern end of the Grand Canyon Railway.

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